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Toy Story Treat Sacks - 8/PKG .

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Toy Story Treat Sacks

Little kids take great delight in the lovable and huggable Toy Story Treat Sacks - 8/PKG. manufactured by Hallmark. 0726528279345 is the EAN barcode, also called the "International Article Number" for this excellent product. The features include colorful birthday theme and kids' party supplies. The toy has a weight of 0.3 lbs. Lowest price Toy Story Treat Sacks - 8/PKG. .


Model: 1FBG2478
UPS: 726528279345
Package Quantity: 1

These 3-D Toy Story 3 Treat Sacks are big enough to fill with candy measuring 6. 25 inches x 8. Use the 3-D glasses we provide to let the characters jump off of the bag! Tie using a licorice string an 5 inches, so also add small party favors for each guest.


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