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Toy Story Swirl Decorations

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Toy Story Swirl Decorations

The characteristics are colorful birthday theme and kids' party supplies. The Toy Story toy has got a weight of 0.3 lbs. 013051332006 is the UPC barcode aka the "Universal Product Code", for this item. The toy story swirl decorations . Should you need a great deal on this toy, click on the market link on this page.


MPN: 679594
UPS: 013051332006
Package Quantity: 1

Toy Story 3 Swirl Decorations are fun and colorful decoration. Set consists of 12 foil swirl decorations: 3 swirls with 7in cutouts, 3 swirls 5in cutouts and 6 swirls. Swirls w/ Cutouts 24in long and w/out are 18in.


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